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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

It's National Train Your Dog Month!

January is National Train Your Dog Month - and the beginning of a new year is a great time to address any behaviors that might be making life with your four-legged friend more challenging. Contrary to popular belief, older dogs can reasonably be expected to learn new tricks. And it's never too late to reassess any basic obedience commands that may be in need of fine tuning.

Start your assessment by asking yourself how your dog responds to basic obedience commands. Generally speaking, your dog should have good recall (meaning he will come when called, the first time he is called, even in the presence of distractions), should be able to walk politely on a loose leash, and be able to respond to verbal commands such as sit, down, stay and wait. At Casa Kupkee, Zohan is getting a refresher course on recall - because chasing squirrels is apparently
way more fun than coming when called! So get out there and train your dog! You're in good company. 

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Meet Java, Our January Pet Of The Month!

World, meet Java, our January Pet of the Month!

Java is an eight-month-old cutie pie whose humble beginnings are about as humble as beginnings get - he was found in a garbage can. When his family was given the opportunity to adopt him, they couldn't resist his wide eyes and non-stop snuggles. During his recent boarding visit, he spent far more time in laps than in his kennel. It was not easy for our team to give him back!

Congratulations, Java and share with all your friends - you're our Pet of the Month!

What's a kennel?

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Pets as Presents? Bah, Humbug!

Every January, South Florida's animal shelters and rescue organizations take in hundreds of unwanted puppies and kittens. Sadly, these young souls who looked so cute under the Christmas tree are often deemed too much for their new families to handle. Pets should never be given as gifts, especially to children who may be too young to understand the nature of a long-term responsibility such as pet ownership.

Pet stores do a brisk business during the holiday shopping season, and many of the puppies sold at such establishments are products of puppy mills. Puppy mill dogs are mass produced for profit, and are often plagued with medical and behavioral problems. If someone on your gift list genuinely wants a pet, and is mature and responsible enough to handle caring for one, consider adopting from one of our many shelters and rescue organizations. Contrary to popular belief, these pets are not necessarily "projects", and nearly 30% of them are purebreds. There are also numerous breed-specific rescues for families who may wish to adopt a purpose-bred dog.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Meet Shallow Water, Our December Pet Of The Month!

World, meet Shallow Water, our December Pet of The Month!

Shallow Water is an 11-year-old yellow Lab who loves nothing more than a weekend of fishing the flats of South Florida.  When he's not out on the water, you'll find Shallow playing with his ball or relaxing with his human family.

Congratulations, Shallow Water and share with all your friends at the dock - you're our Pet Of The Month!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

November Is Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Pet Cancer Awareness Month
By Dr. Ian Kupkee

November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Cancer is one of the most common conditions diagnosed by veterinarians, affecting nearly one in four dogs at some point in their lives. While cancer is less common in cats, our feline companions are more likely to suffer from aggressive, and less treatable forms of the disease.

One of the more commonly seen forms of cancer in pets is breast cancer. Fortunately, it is also one of the easiest forms of cancer to prevent. A female dog who is spayed before her first heat cycle has a .6% chance of developing breast cancer later in life. A dog spayed after her first heat cycle has an 8% chance of developing breast cancer. And the breast cancer risk for dogs who are spayed after their third heat cycle is a whopping 65%.

Recent research suggests delaying spay/neuter procedures on large-breed dogs until they are fully grown can reduce their chances of developing orthopedic problems later in life. Since both threats are very real concerns, the pros and cons of each decision should be discussed with your veterinarian.  That said, the best prevention against canine and feline breast cancer is to have your pet spayed in accordance with your veterinarian's recommendation.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Meet Binx, Our November Pet Of The Month!

World, meet Binx, our November pet of the month.

Binx was abandoned on Halloween - arguably the worst day for a black kitten to be wandering the streets. While Halloween can be fun for people, black cats are often targeted for cruel Halloween pranks.

After being scooped up by Dr. Kupkee, fully vetted, and given a clean bill of health, Binx was introduced to our new neighbors at Pizza Project. The result was an instant love connection. Today, Binx is snuggling with his new family in his forever home.

Congratulations Binx, and share with all your friends - you're our Pet Of The Month!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Obesity and Pets

October is Pet Obesity Awareness Month. It's also a great time to think about the paradigms that lead us to allow our pets to become overweight or obese in the first place.

We've all seen those pet food commercials where Fluffy races around the corner and skids to a halt in front of a heaping - and I mean heaping! - bowl of food. If you'll pardon the obvious pun, this is a huge pet peeve for me. Other advertisements feature toy breeds plowing into portions that would gorge a Golden Retriever. With these types of images bombarding pet parents' senses, it's easy to see why over 60% of America's pets are either overweight or obese.

In their zeal to avoid becoming victims of marketing, many consumers take what is usually a wise course of action, and read the instructions on their pet's food bag for portion sizes.  However, the suggested portions printed on these bags are usually enough to make my jaw hit the floor. It's important to remember these are only suggestions, and many food companies would rather err on the side of overfeeding than underfeeding. Additionally, pet food companies are for-profit entities. At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, no pet food company is going to print a label asking consumers to please use less of their product. Generally speaking, I advise my clients to read the recommended feeding amounts on the package, then reduce that amount by roughly 20%. Your veterinary team can best advise you on the best diets for your pet, as well as the portion sizes that fit your pet's individual needs.