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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pets and Estate Planning

While no one likes to think about the day we will no longer be around for our loved ones, most of us are pragmatic enough to understand that we are not immortal.  Between life insurance, estate planning, and end of life care, we are all encouraged to minimize the impact of our deaths upon those who are dependent on us.  While surviving spouses, children, and favorite charities are the crux of most estate planning strategies, financial advisers seldom remember to ask about our pets.

Many pet owners have unspoken agreements with friends or family members who promise to look after Fluffy if the unthinkable happens.  Still others have assumptions, which sadly, can be inaccurate. In the time that lapses between a promise made and the need to follow through, life can throw many curve balls. Many situations can arise to render even the most trusted friend unable to fulfill a promise to care for your pet.  Place agreements regarding future pet guardianship in writing and keep them with your estate planning and life insurance documents.  To ensure your pet is not left without care due to financial concerns, make sure a reasonable portion of your estate is bequeathed to his intended guardian once they take custody of your pet.  Potential pet guardians are more likely to step up to the plate if they know your pet will not represent a financial burden.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Meet Morgan, Our October Pet Of The Month!

Meet Morgan, Our October Pet Of The Month!

When Morgan found himself abandoned and injured in the streets, this smart little guy knew exactly where to go.  His feline guardian angel led him to a good Samaritan - who just happened to know someone whose heart was searching for a special kitty.  After two surgeries and lots of TLC, Morgan now has a loving home, two four-legged BFFs, a Mom and Dad who love him to bits, and a following on social media - talk about happily ever after!

Congratulations, Morgan and share with your friends - not only did you hit the forever home jackpot, you're our Pet of the Month!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Should I Crate Train My Dog?

Should I Crate Train My Dog?

While veterinarians and behaviorists generally agree that crate training is ideal for both puppies and adult dogs, many pet parents confess they cannot bear the thought of seeing their dogs “locked in a cage”.   Our dogs’ wild ancestors spent much of their time in dens. The den was where they would sleep, hide, shelter from the elements, and raise their litters.  Crate training simply takes advantage of the natural instincts our dogs still possess as descendants of these early den dwellers.

A crate trained dog will perceive his crate as a safe place to ride out a thunderstorm, take a break from a bustling party, or duck out of reach of a curious but overbearing toddler.  Dogs who know they can retreat to their own space are better equipped to cope with anxiety, and therefore less likely to bite.  Additionally, crate trained dogs are happier at boarding facilities, which means we pet parents can travel with greater peace of mind.  When we decide to bring Fido along for the trip, the crate provides him with instant familiarity and comfort.  While the surroundings may be new and strange, crates allow our dogs to feel like they are travelling with their own special room.  And the only thing better than discovering the world, is discovering the world with with a dog!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Meet Pearl, Our September Pet Of The Month

This September, our Pet Of The Month is Pearl. At 19 years young, Pearl is playful, lovable and sweet.  And when this vintage sweetheart has had enough, her favorite way to recharge is to cuddlle with her devoted humans.  With regular checkups and wellness care, cats like Pearl can live well into their twenties!

Congratulations, Pearl and share with all your friends - you're our Pet Of The Month!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mosquito Madness!

Mosquito Madness

Can we talk, South Floridians? August is not my favorite time of the year to be a Miamian.  Yes, it’s worth it when our neighbors to the north are shoveling snow in February.  But by August, I can never decide what’s worse - the blistering heat, miserable humidity, daily downpours, threat of hurricanes - and let’s not forget those unrelenting mosquitoes!

In addition to being a nuscience for us, some mosquitoes carry heartworm disease, a condition which can be fatal to both dogs and cats.  Even if your pets never go outdoors, or only venture out when answering nature’s call, it takes only one bite from one infected mosquito to put your pet at risk. My wife and I have even found mosquitoes inside our home! And while feline heartworm disease was once considered rare, the number of cases has been rising steadily in the past decade.  Thankfully, there are several types of heartworm prevention available for both dogs and cats.  Since each pet is different, your veterinarian can best advise you on which products he or she recommends for your pet.  While treatment exists for canine heartworm disease, it is extremely risky and very expensive.  There is currently no treatment available for feline heartworm disease.  As is the case with so many diseases, prevention is indeed the best medicine.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Meet Michael, Our August Pet Of The Month!

Michael is a seven-year-old, sable Collie who is his mom's most trusted and faithful companion - although rumor has it he's got a serious crush on Tiphaine! Sorry, Tiphaine, Michael is his mamma's boy and you can't have him. :-)

Congratulations, Michael, and share with all your friends - you're our Pet of the Month!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Prepping Your Pets For Hurricane Season

Pets and Hurricane Preparedness

Remember those balmy, 75 degree days we enjoyed while New England was freezing? Well, South Florida, it’s payback time! It’s time for a refresher course on hurricane season, the time of the year when friends to the north DON’T want to be here!

As many of us know, South Florida has hurricane shelters which allow you to bring your pets. What many people do not know, however, is that only some of our shelters are pet-friendly, and your pets must be registered ahead of time. For information on pre-registration, please contact animal services at  Since spaces are limited, do this now if you would like to use this service.

When preparing your hurricane supply list, don’t forget about your pets. Make sure you have enough non-perishable food and bottled water for your pets, and double check the contents of their first aid kit. Be sure to refill their supplements and prescription medications. Decide where your pet will ride out a storm and have plenty of toys to keep him occupied. In Miami, hurricane preparation is a fact of life. It’s a small price to pay for living in the vibrant, sunny, diverse metropolis we are privileged enough to call home.