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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Dogs And Kids: Don't Punish The Growl

Don't Punish The Growl

Every year, roughly 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs. Nearly half of the victims of said bites are children between the ages of five and nine.  Throughout my career, I have seen these statistics manifested in the form of traumatized children and surrendered pets. Veterinary professionals are forever telling parents to closely watch interactions between dogs and children. Yet we often fall short when it comes to telling them what they should be watching for.

Perhaps the most telling sign of impending trouble between dogs and kids is the growl. When asked by researchers how they would react if they caught their dog growling at their child, the response of most parents was that they would punish the dog - severely. After all, they would want to be sure it never happened again. Dogs, however, are cause-and-effect thinkers. To a dog, a growl is a warning. She is saying, “Back off, or I will bite you.” When this behavior is punished, she learns that giving a warning leads to unpleasant consequences. The result is a dog who skips the warning, and goes straight to the bite. Should you catch your dog growling at your child, calmly separate the pair, and seek immediate assistance from a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. These caring professionals can help both dogs and families to safely  enjoy the human-animal bond.

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Meet Agatha, our May Pet of the Month!

Introducing Agatha, our May Pet of the Month! While the two-year-old tabby may look innocent and sweet, this feisty feline wears the Cone of Shame like a boss. She bravely did battle with a string of twine measuring five feet, four inches in length. And it wasn't enough to simply defeat the twine - she ate it!

All of it.

Thanks to her mom's quick thinking, Agatha is now recovering from a 90-minute surgical procedure in which Dr. Kupkee removed the twine from her intestines and stomach.

All of it.

She ate what?!

While she continues to flaunt her Cone of Shame, we've no doubt she'll be back to her spirited self as soon as her stitches are removed. In the meantime, she continues to heal like a champ - and what remains of the twine has been safely stashed out of her reach.

Congratulations, Agatha, and share with all of your friends - you're not only the Slayer of Twine, you're our Pet of the Month!