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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Don't Push a Patient Pet

Last year, an acquaintance told my wife that they were forced to rehome their dog after said dog bit their daughter. When my wife asked if anyone knew what provoked the bite, the mother replied, “Absolutely nothing! Maddie was just in front of Peaches’s face, barking at Peaches like she was a dog. It’s their favorite game - they played it all the time. But this time, Peaches just snapped.”

Let me make this perfectly clear. Dogs NEVER “just snap”. EVER.

I am willing to bet that a fly on the wall would have seen a dog that was showing subtle signs of discomfort, stress, avoidance, or aggravation. And just like their human companions, every dog has a breaking point. A pet that is being tolerant of that kind of in-your-face (literally) behavior, should be rewarded, not forced to endure it further. Instruct children who are harassing dogs that what’s fun for them is considered rude to dogs. Remove younger children from the situation. For older children, take advantage of the teachable moment to learn about more appropriate ways to interact with the family pet.  A patient pet should be cherished and loved, not forced into a situation that causes her to lose her home.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It's Getting Hot Out There!

It’s Getting Hot out There!

While the rest of the country begins to thaw, Spring in South Florida is beginning to sizzle. While the animal care community invests copious resources warning pet parents about the dangers of heat, veterinarians still see a surprising number of heat related injuries and emergencies.

As temperatures begin to climb, pet parents need to take special care not to forget about pets that are in their cars. A startling number of American pets still die in locked cars during the summer months. Even on an overcast day, temperatures inside a locked car can reach lethal levels very quickly. Animal care activists have suggested that pet parents tie a ribbon around the door handle or steering wheel of their vehicles every time they have their pets in the car. In theory, this should serve as a reminder of a pet’s presence.

The following is a video made by a colleague named Dr. Ernie Ward. To raise awareness of heat related pet deaths, Dr. Ward sat in a hot car with the windows slightly open and documented his own response. It is everyone’s hope that his efforts will help pet parents to pay more attention to the fur babies in the back seat.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

May Pet of the Month

Meet Cujo, our May Pet of the Month. Cujo is a 10 year old Sharpei mix with a heart of gold, and the spirit of a champion! In September Cujo was diagnosed with a type of cancer known as distal jejunum adenocarcinoma. His mom and dad wasted no time starting chemotherapy treatment. After 6 months of treatment Cujo was officially in remission and showing no signs of slowing down. This big marshmallow is both a lover and a fighter! Congratulations Cujo and tell all your friends- you're our May Pet of the Month!