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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

All They Want For Christmas Is You

All They Want for Christmas is You

A client who was in last week confessed that while she loved the idea of spending the holidays with an adopted shelter pet, the timing was just impossible.  The holidays at her house, she explained, were just short of utter chaos. The kids are wired, the whole family is in town, food is everywhere, doors get left open - adding a new pet to the mix just might push both her and the pet over the edge! Thankfully, the rescue community has already thought of an alternative.

For families who are rightfully concerned the timing of a holiday adoption, an adoption certificate may be the way to go. Petfinder’s Pet Promise certificate strives to re-open the dialogue about what is expected of a pet owner, and remind a potential adopter of the responsibilities involved in pet ownership. The giver agrees to cover the adoption fees, while giving the receiver the opportunity to pick the pet that best fits their lifestyle at whatever time of the year that is convenient. Regardless of your family’s “chaos factor”, a pet promise certificate may be the best way to provide a pet in need with a home for the holidays!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Homes for the Holidays

Homes for the Holidays

Every January, shelters across the country are over run with adolescent puppies and kittens that were purchased as holiday gifts.  While the idea of surprising the family with a Christmas kitty of a Hanukkah hound may sound appealing, most holiday shoppers are ill-prepared for the work and chaos a new pet can impose on an already hectic time of the year. But what about holiday pets that are adopted from shelters? Do they find themselves back at the pound with the impulse purchases gone wrong?

Surprisingly, new studies show that pets who are adopted and given as gifts almost NEVER get returned to the shelter! The reasons for this are not clear. Perhaps shoppers are more impulsive than adopters, perhaps adoptees are more likely to be older, and past the demanding (and often destructive) baby phase. But for once, the statistics favor the animals, and that’s a good thing!

If you are thinking of adding a new pet to your family, consider adopting one of the many sweethearts in our shelters.  It is always wise to enlist the help of a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, or an animal behaviorist to help you select a pet that will suit your family.  There are thousands of animals, including pure breeds, right here in Miami that would love one of Santa’s special helpers to give them a home for the holidays!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Pet of the Month

Meet Vixen, our December Pet of the Month! Vixen is a 13 year old “Redland Rescue” who hit the jackpot with her forever family.  

Every December, animal advocates warn the public of the likelihood of pets purchased as gifts being surrendered to shelters in January. But what about adopted pets like Vixen?

An informal study by the ASPCA suggests that adopted holiday pets are bucking the post-holiday trends.  Unlike their purchased peers, adopted pets that are given as gifts have very low chances of being surrendered when the holiday season ends.

If you’re thinking of bringing home a pet for the holidays, consider a trip to a shelter or rescue organization to find that special soul. The greatest gift you can give a pet in need is a forever home - just ask Vixen!

Congratulations, Vixen and tell all your friends - you’re our Pet of the Month!