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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Adopting a Senior Pet

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! Many of my clients, some of whom are seniors themselves, express interest in adding another pet to their household, but cringe at the thought of caring for a puppy or a kitten.  Even younger pet owners quietly confess that while the little ones are quick to tug at their heartstrings, they have neither the time nor the energy required to raise a youngster, or the patience required to survive the adolescent stage of development.

After raising two energetic puppies, one of whom grew into a particularly challenging adolescent, I have a whole new appreciation for folks who may decide it is not for them.  If you fall into this camp, you’re in good company - and there are plenty of adoptable pets looking for people just like us.  Senior pets tend to have less drive, and are more content to spend time alone.  Most come

pre-trained, and are well beyond the trials and tribulations of those first few years. Since many adoptive families still prefer puppies and kittens, there are many senior pets in our shelters - and they are often overlooked.  When we choose to adopt senior pets, we are not just enriching our own lives. We are saving theirs.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Meet Toby, our November Pet of the Month!

Toby Vásquez (a.k.a Tobias José) is a sweet little black and white Pekingese dog born in Kansas on September 16, 2008. Mario and Stephanie took him home when he was only 3 months old. Toby moved to Florida in 2012. He loves playing with soft stuffed toys, taking long naps, and rolling around on the rug every time he finishes his meal. We believe Toby might have a “napoleon complex” because he thinks he is a big dog and, therefore is not afraid to bark at every big dog he comes across. This “complex” has gotten him in trouble in the past, so we hope he will learn to stay humble from now on.

But how can you be humble when you're this darn cute?! Congrats, Toby and share with your friends - you're our Pet of the Month!