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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dental Care At Home

If you’re like most pet owners (myself included), you’ve probably realized you could do a better job of keeping your pet’s teeth healthy and clean. While good habits take a while to become routine, a little diligence can go a long way towards preventing long-term health problems and expensive trips to the vet.

Once your pet’s teeth have been professionally cleaned, try to establish a routine that will help them to stay that way. Since your pet’s gums may be slightly sore after a professional cleaning, we always recommend waiting a week before attempting to brush his teeth at home. In the meantime, start using a water additive to keep plaque and tartar from accumulating. When it’s time to start brushing, be sure to select a toothpaste that is specially formulated for pets. Human grade toothpastes are not meant to be ingested, and pets are not able to spit it out like we do. Choose a toothpaste with an enzymatic cleansing agent and most importantly, make sure your pet likes the taste! Lift the lip at each quadrant and gently brush the teeth and gumline. Since the enzymatic cleansers actually digest bacteria, it is not necessary to vigorously scrub as we do when we brush our own teeth. Be sure to give your pet lots of praise so he associates brushing with making you happy. When we brush our own dogs’ teeth, we always end the exercise by letting them lick the toothbrush clean. It freshens their breath and makes them feel like they’re getting a tasty treat!

Since it takes several weeks for a routine to become a habit, aim for a brushing session every day. While three times a week is likely to get you the results you want, striving for a daily cleaning allows for normal lapses in said routine. Life is hectic. Go easy on yourself

Click here to watch a video of Grendel getting her teeth brushed!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Is My Pet’s Mouth Really Cleaner Than Mine?

If you born any time before the Clinton administration, you probably remember hearing the expression “An animal’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s!”  If you’ve ever stopped to wonder whether or not this is true, allow me to clarify once and for all.

It’s not!

Spinal Tap is not a real band, there is no such thing as a jackelope, and an animal’s mouth is absolutely not cleaner than a human’s. Like humans, our pets deal with routine dental problems such as plaque, tartar, gingivitis, and tooth decay. But unlike humans, our pets don’t brush or floss on a daily basis. Left untreated, dental problems can lead to life-threatening medical conditions such as kidney disease, systemic infections, and congestive heart failure.

If you’ve never given your pet’s teeth much thought, you may want to have a look. Carefully lift the upper lift up towards his nose. If he pulls his head away, or won’t let you touch his face, do not try again. He may be experiencing pain or discomfort, and he may bite you if you inadvertently hurt him. Let your veterinarian do this for you. If your pet complies, look at the gums. They should be pink as opposed to red. Look for any chips or breaks, bearing in mind that these are not always obvious to the untrained eye.  While some light staining on the teeth is not unusual, generally speaking, the teeth should be white. Hard brown clumps mean it’s time for a cleaning. Finally, if your pet is comfortable, lean in and have a sniff. If his breath conjures images of green vapor, it’s definitely time for a trip to the vet!

And don’t look for jackelopes in the waiting room!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February Pet of the Month

Our February pet of the Month is Bandit! 

Little Miss Bandit was left with her siblings to fend for themselves at three months old! Luckily, her mom and dad saved them all, and even found them homes, but they couldn't say goodbye to Bandit.

Now she is living in luxury, and was even reunited with her mommy kitty, whom her owners also kept!
Congratulations, Bandit, and tell all of your friends- you're our Pet of the Month!