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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Inappropriate Elimination in Cats Part 3 of 5

Here are some simple steps you can take to encourage  your kitty to use her litterbox.
  • Place your litter boxes in low traffic areas. Also you may want to spread them around the house, especially if one kitty picks on another one.

  • Don’t clean your litter box with a strong smelling cleaner, especially citrus cleaners. We recommend Odoban.  The eucalyptus scented variety is mild, and ideal for deodorizing and cleaning litter boxes. Any enzymatic cleaner is good.  Be sure to replace any old stained litter boxes.

  • Don’t use perfumed litters. If your cat is finicky about litter, offer several different kinds and textures until you determine your kitty's preference. Examples would be scoopable litter, non-scoopable clay litter, pine or recycled newspaper pellet litter, and crystal litters. Note: A sign that your cat might dislike a particular litter is if your cat is not covering his/her waste in the litter box.

  • Cat Attract is a litter that can be found at many stores. Blended with a natural herb attractant, Cat Attract’s herbal scent, ideal texture and particle size combine to help solve litter box problems. To learn more about Cat Attract, visit their website:

  • Vary your kitty’s litter box options. Similar to the litter smorgasbord mentioned above, kitties can have preferences regarding the type of litter box they use. Behaviorists recommend that the litter box be as long as your cat from the tip of the nose to the tip of it's tail. The shallow plastic storage containers without the lids work great. Covered litter boxes are great to keep kitty elimination odors from reaching humans, but they trap them inside the covered box and make the box an unpleasant place for your cat. Older cats with possible arthritic issues will appreciate a low entrance to their litter box. You can even make a cut out so the cat to enter more easily.

To be continued, Part 4 next Friday!