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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Inappropriate Elimination in Cats Part 5 of 5

When dealing with inappropriate elimination, the whole environment counts.  Follow these simple steps for a happier, well-balanced cat.

  • Feed your kitties a measured amount of food twice a day. Don’t leave food down all day. Also, feed your kitties in separate areas. This makes sure your cat is getting a controlled, stress free meal time and helps you know exactly how much your kitty is eating.

  • Increase play time for your kitty. Find a toy that your cat likes to play fetch with. Buy interactive cat toys such as wands with feathers dangling from them, but only use these with parental supervision as kitties can get entangled in string toys, and even worse ingest the strings and cause an obstruction! If your kitty is not toy motivated, but is food motivated we recommend purchasing an interactive food releasing toy such as the Twist & Treat.

  • If all else fails, there are anti-anxiety medications for cats that can help. Available as an oral medication or even as a transdermal gel applied to the ear, these medications give your kitty some chemical encouragement. All of the behavioral and environmental modifications mentioned above should still be adhered to for the best chance at solving this unpleasant problem.