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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Is My Pet Overweight? (Part 6 of 13)

Round Hound?  Curvy Kitty?  Click here for tips on peeling off the pounds! (Continued)

5) High Five for Food Drive!

While food drive can cause some annoying behaviors, it can also be your friend.  The desire for a food reward can help your dog learn new behaviors to replace unwanted ones.  A pet that begs for food is saying "This is what motivates me".  Food rewards can be used to teach tricks and games that relieve boredom, increase confidence, and burn calories.  Food driven dogs are often eager pupils and quick studies.  Grendel's food drive is off the charts.  Her favorite game is to wait patiently while we hide a scented treat.  She must then use her nose to find it.  This game satisfies the need in her dachshund DNA to track a scent.  Additionally, she learns that she does not get treats by demanding them, but rather, by working for them.  It solidifies our position as pack leaders by re-enforcing our roles as providers of food, and forces her to burn a lot of calories searching for a low calorie treat.  Most importantly -  IT'S FUN!