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Monday, July 1, 2013

Firework Phobia Part 2

Why a Safe Space?

See how to make a Safe Space here:

Dear Edel,

Thanks for all the great tips!  I have one last question: if Zohan wants to be physically close to us during fireworks or a storm, should we allow that?  What if he wants to get in our laps, cuddle with us, or hide behind us?  Is he better off in his safe place?

Dear Doc and Lynn,

Zohan is definitely better off in the safe space.  Ultimately, we want him to learn to go there on his own when he feels frightened.  This will help him learn how to self soothe, and increase his confidence, as he begins to learn that he can do something to help himself when fear sets in. When we give our dogs affection during times of anxiety, the affection can be perceived by the dog as a reward.  We want Zohan to understand that fear is neither a good behavior nor a bad behavior, just something he has to learn how to deal with.  Training him to go to a place where he feels safe is the best way to accomplish this.

Zohan sleeping in his safe space.