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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What Do You Want From Your Pet?

What Do You Want From Your Puppy? 

When choosing a pet, temperament and drive are often more important considerations than breed. Do you want a sassy cat that keeps you on your toes?  Consider a Siamese.  Do you want a dog who will be your running partner?  Consider a working or herding breed.  Are you looking for a “couch potato” dog?  Consider a pug.  

Bear in mind that certain breeds of dogs are not designed for intense physical activities.  Bulldogs, pugs, and other “smushy faced” breeds overheat easily and do not make suitable running partners. They are also top heavy, which makes them naturally poor swimmers.  Similarly, dachshunds are not well suited for agility, due to their genetic predisposal to back problems.  Ask yourself what you want life with your new pet to look like before selecting a pet that could fall short of your expectations. 

A certified behaviorist can be of great assistance in assessing an individual animal’s drive. Animal Planet has a great quiz to help you choose the right breed of dog for you: The American Kennel Club’s website,, can give you detailed information on the breed you are intersted in, links to the National Breed Club, and local breeder information.

Max,, while very sweet, will never make a good agility dog.