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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Sick Cat- Part 5

This week marks our final installment on the subtle signs of illness in cats.  Let’s look at one final behavior that can indicate health problems in our cats.

Changes in Litterbox Habits

This one is far from subtle, yet it is often dismissed as a behavioral eccentricity.  Cats who urinate or defecate outside of the litterbox may be doing so because they are ill.  Blood in the urine or feces warrants immediate medical attention.  Cats who cry when picked up, vocalize in the litterbox, or strain to urinate, must be seen by a veterinarian right away.  If your cat is attempting to urinate, but is unable to pass any urine, his urethra may be blocked.  This usually occurs in males and is a life-threatening emergency requiring immediate medical attention.

The dignified, stoic nature of cats can work against them -  as well as the pet parents who love them.  It is not unusual for veterinarians to see loved, well cared-for cats who have been quietly suffering for weeks.  By watching for these covert clinical signs, we can better understand our feline friends when they need our help the most.