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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Stormy Weather

Here in South Florida, June tends to be the rainiest month of the year. And while the wet stuff is a welcome respite from our bone dry winters, the thunder can be terrifying for our pets.  While both cats and dogs can suffer from storm anxiety, cats generally have much better coping skills. Be sure to provide your cat with plenty of places to hide, including closets and underneath beds. Open-mouthed breathing or inappropriate urination may require a trip to vet for some anti-anxiety medication. Don’t try to cuddle or hug a frightened cat unless she initiates. More than likely, she will want to hide by herself, and it is best to let her do that.

It is also wise to give dogs a safe to hide, but unlike their feline counterparts, they may need to be taught to go there. A dog’s “safe space” should be small and cozy, with as much insulation against sound as possible. The corner of a closet can be fitted with a crate that will be further insulated by hanging clothes. Keep chew toys and favorite things inside the crate to encourage your dog to go there, and praise him lavishly when he does so. If you are home when a storm hits, try  running through a routine of any obedience or trick commands your dog may know. This will help boost his confidence, and help him to focus on you, not the storm. For more information on storm anxiety, check out this page on our website!